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From Present to Past and Back

Sukač, Roman (ed.)

From Present to Past and Back

Papers on Baltic and Slavic Accentology

Series: Potsdam Linguistic Investigations / Potsdamer Linguistische Untersuchungen / Recherches Linguistiques à Potsdam - Volume 7

Year of Publication: 2011

Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2011. X, 244 pp., num. tables and graphs
ISBN 978-3-631-61914-8 hb.  (Hardcover)

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Book synopsis

The Fifth International Workshop on Balto-Slavic Accentology took place in 2009 at the Silesian University in Opava (Czech Republic). This volume contains papers presented at the workshop. The papers treat thematically various aspects of Baltic and Slavic prosodic development as well as provide synchronic descriptions of individual Baltic and Slavic languages and their dialects.


Contents: Katsiaryna Ackermann: On the Prosody of Slavic Continuants of Indo-European Verbal Adjectives in -to-, -no-, -lo- – Václav Blažek: On the Accentuation of the Baltic Verb – Rick Derksen: The Relative Chronology of East Baltic Accentual Developments – Vladimir A. Dybo: Balto-slawische Akzentologie und die germanische Konsonantengemination (Zur Verteidigung von F. Kluges Theorie) – Zbyněk Holub: Quantity Patterns of a-stems and o-stems in South-Western Czech Dialects (Especially in the Doudleby Region) – Jay H. Jasanoff: Balto-Slavic Mobility as an Indo-European Problem – Yuri Kleiner: Accentuation and Quantity – Frederik Kortlandt: West Slavic Accentuation – Orsat Ligorio: Concerning New Štokavian Retraction – Michail Oslon: Über den Silbenakzent in Juraj Križanićs Dialekt – Vytautas Rinkevičius: Akzentuierung der altpreußischen suffigierten Verba – Joseph Schallert: The Role of Sonority and Quantity in the Morphophonemic Development of Stress in Common Slavic Masculine Barytona (AP a) in Balkan Slavic Dialects – Tobias Scheer: Home-Made Western Slavic Vowel Length – Bonifacas Stundžia: Some Remarks on Accentual (Neo)mobility in Lithuanian – Roman Sukač: Moravian Quantitative Paradigms – Alexandra Ter-Avanesova: The Accentuation of *a-/*ja-stems in East Russian Dialects – Zuzana Topolińska: Main Conclusions of My Prosodic Research – Tomasz Wiśniewski: Late Accent Shifts and Fixing of Stress in West Slavic – Steven Young: Winter’s Law and Baltic Ablaut.

About the author(s)/editor(s)

Roman Sukač, PhD, born in 1970, is an assistant professor at the Silesian University in Opava (Czech Republic).


Potsdam Linguistic Investigations. Vol. 7
Editor in charge: Peter Kosta